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Erith & Thamesmead Survey

Colin Bloom’s pre-election questionnaire

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I received a personally addressed hand delivered questionnaire from the Conservative’s general election candidate during the afternoon of Sunday 7th February. I wonder why I am one of those chosen for special attention? It asks me for my thoughts on the economy, the police, health services, the quality of life in Erith & Thamesmead and whether I think Labour has made a total mess of things. A space is provided for me to comment on the quality of life locally. In my opinion it would be improved enormously if we didn’t suffer almost the highest council taxes in London which have resulted from a succession of inept and wasteful councils that have imposed higher than average tax increases year on year. Just think how much we could improve our quality of life if council tax was in line with that of the best councils and only half what it is.

The survey goes on to list eight national issues that I’m asked to put in order of importance. Europe doesn’t get a mention. This is not the first time that the Conservatives have sent me pre-election literature that ignores Europe so one must assume it’s no accident. If they discourage me from including Europe in my list of priorities when more than half of new laws and regulations come from Brussels I think we have a massive clue as to how important the independence of this country is to the Conservative party. After that they ask about my past voting record and my intentions next time and they are not going to like my answer.

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