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Conservative Election Leaflet - December 2009

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Lesnes Abbey Ward Conservative leaflet December 2009 Lesnes Abbey Ward Conservative leaflet December 2009 As an election approaches I expect we will get more of these attempts to persuade us that Bexley Conservatives have done a good job in the three years since Councillor Ball and his gang were flung out of office. Was “Lesnes Abbey Ward taken for granted by Labour”. Well yes; more like being taken for a ride, a very expensive ride with tax increases reaching 17%. But sometimes I wonder if that might be preferable to having the ward crapped on from a great height by the likes of John Davey and his henchman Peter Craske.

Davey specialises in standing idly by, possibly wringing his hands, but always doing nothing. When he was first elected and the council asked for suggestions on how they might save money I emailed him an idea. He replied saying he fully agreed but he wouldn’t be able to put the idea forward as he wasn’t sure if it would be supported by his colleagues. I didn’t read the rest of his message because I sort of exploded with the words ‘this is pure Tony Blair’ which believe me was not intended to be a compliment. It was a pivotal moment and last straw; I felt I would never be able to vote Conservative again.

Since then we know Davey stands idly by while motorists are illegally ticketed by the parking gestapo and that as Vice-Chairman of the Transport Scrutiny Sub-Committee he was prepared to say that he didn’t believe the official justification for the changes proposed for Abbey Road yet he did nothing to put a stop to the madness. He stood idly by while the cretinous Craske signed away half a million pounds. How useless can you get?

The leaflet features the Conservative candidate for Erith & Thamesmead and proclaims “Erith & Thamesmead need stronger parliamentary leadership”? Funny word leadership, I thought M.P.s were supposed to represent us not lead us. It’s the government in the shape of the P.M. and the cabinet who tries to lead us, is it not? If our present M.P. successfully led us we’d all presumably have our snouts firmly in the trough. I see that John Austin (Labour M.P. for Erith & Thamesmead) is in the Telegraph again today (13 December) for grabbing as much cash as he can over the last few months.

“It’s time for a change of Government.” I’d prefer a total change of direction myself and the Conservatives show every sign of treading a too similar path to Brown and his cronies. Labour has made this country a basket case not just because of its cloud cuckoo land economics but because freedoms are being snuffed out right left and centre and from quangos to Brussels democracy flies out of the window. We need someone to fix that and Cameron is not that man.

“Join us and make the difference.” I was a member of the Conservative Party when I first moved to Bexley but I couldn’t possibly join it now. I would probably join a conservative party if we had one but all we have is Labour-Lite. In any case membership of the local party was a waste of money. It didn’t cost much to join but any event of interest carried a hefty extra admission fee.

Lesnes Abbey Conservatives have done nothing that can be seen by the average man in the street to have improved the quality of life, far from it. What else would you expect from a bunch who cannot even print their phone numbers correctly? John Davey says his number is 0203 417 4966. You try dialling 4174966 from a London number (Lesnes Abbey ward mainly has London numbers). It goes nowhere. If he and his cronies can’t understand that his number is 34174966 and that the code from other places is 020 not 0203 how the hell can any of them be trusted with more complicated concepts like deciding where to make economies out of the thousand pounds and more he extracts from every household each year?

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