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Bexley council - Another massive cock-up
The Wickham Lane Roundabout

13th September 2010

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Impassable new roundabout

Someone in the know at Conway’s who do practically all the council’s road works has called to let me know why the roundabout construction at the junction of Wickham Lane and Oakhampton Crescent has been on hold for the last month or so. Apparently it has been so beautifully designed by the council’s best brains that buses can’t get round it. Actually you can judge just by looking at this photo that a bus will never be able to approach from the right and turn down the hill.

If you thought I was being a bit hard on Andrew Bashford’s road planning department and cretinous councillor Craske maybe you will think again. I’ve been told before by contractors working for Bexley council that they work entirely off-plan and cannot be bothered to come out into the real world to see for themselves. Too ashamed maybe?

Traffic emerging from Oakhampton Crescent

The chaos caused by this ill-though out mess has been delaying drivers for three months for no other reason than Bexley council is totally incompetent.

A restricted Wickham Lane

At dawn on a July Sunday. The road works cause horrendous tail-backs at most other times of the day.

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