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Bexley council’s best intentions? Sounds ominous

15th October 2011

Rubbish on complainer's shed roof

The secluded garden from next door. Photographs taken 28th September 2011.

Garden view
Garden view

View from the window, upstairs next door.

Garden view
Garden view

The structure in the foreground is due to disappear as part of a house extension for which planning permission has been granted.

Garden view

These rather poor photographs have been supplied by Bexley council‘s solicitor to the couple with the unusual garden. It is part of the latest round in their vendetta against a resident who has annoyed the council in the past.

In an accompanying letter Bexley council‘s Senior Solicitor (Litigation), Mr. Guy Atkins describes the garden as “ramshackle” but acknowledges it is less so than earlier this year. He has refused to withdraw the “formal procedural steps” towards criminal prosecution under Section 215 of The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 because he is concerned that the residents concerned will “import more items and materials onto the site”. Mr. Atkins assures them of “the council‘s best and unbiased intentions in this matter” but the residents remain under a five day warning that they may be prosecuted.

I've seen far worse sights when criss-crossing the borough on the train that runs from Abbey Wood to Eltham.

Bexley council’s legal department discussed elsewhere.

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