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The NoToMob returns to Bexley

9th April 2011


NoToMob were unable to spend long in Bexley today but I thought I would try my luck at an interception somewhere, however a bus and Shank’s Pony are no match for a motorbike, nor a gestapo wagon come to that. I started in Bexleyheath Broadway around 10:30 a.m. but it was clear and a short bus ride showed Welling to be the same.

Upside down payment receipt

I hung around there for an hour and briefly spoke to an NSL lady putting a penalty notice on a car displaying the payment receipt face down. Are people really that careless or do they flip over in the draught caused by the shutting door? The parking attendant was perfectly civil to me but when I spied a gaggle of four and took a photo from far too far away they immediately ran over and surrounded me, saying I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of them. I said “I am actually and if you don’t believe me call a policeman”. While one used his phone another demanded I show him the picture. It was going to be useless at the range I took it but I didn’t see any reason to prove it. I told them where I was going next and walked away. I didn’t hear from them again.

Just as I was about to get back on a bus to Welling I spotted three NoToMob riders heading towards Welling and just managed to grab a photo as they swept by, but when I got to Welling the cupboard was bare. I didn’t see a gestapo wagon during the three hours I was looking. Maybe NoToMob have driven them away already.

Four aggressive parking attendants

While in Welling I looked in the library and saw it advertised “Refreshments” but found none. One of the librarians said there had never been any refreshments available and was surprised to hear the sign outside indicated otherwise. While back in Bexleyheath I looked in the Central Library because that advertised “Refreshments” too but there was only a chocolate bar dispensing machine. Should I find it odd that one centre of learning encourages me to eat chocolate and another, Bedonwell School, confiscates chocolate buttons from four year olds? Probably not; one represents an opportunity for Bexley council to extract money from the public and the other represents an opportunity to show who is boss.

Welling Library floor plan

Refreshment area enlarged and inset top right.


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