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Queen Mary’s Hospital protest against closure

25th November 2010

One of the signs Streather had forgotten to amend.

A&E sign

Last night 100 people turned up outside Queen Mary’s Hospital to hear John Hemming-Clark speak about the closure of Queen Mary’s A&E. John stood at the General Election as the Save Queen Mary’s candidate but was out-manoeuvred by the Conservative candidate who promised to keep it open - but didn’t.

Despite condemning the closure no Bexley councillor bothered to turn up, thereby more or less proving my contention that most of them lacked any sincerity at their a month ago and were merely going through the motions in the hope of looking good.

On the bus home I spoke to a nurse who explained to me how the knock-on effect of losing A&E was causing wards to be closed and reeled off a list of four or five. She said it was estimated that 30,000 patients a year would be turned away and some of them would undoubtedly die as a direct result of management decisions. The management and Streather in particular were “all liars”. With less than two weeks notice she had been told she must transfer to either the Princess Royal in Farnborough or the Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich. Since we were on a 229 heading for Thamesmead I was surprised to hear her say she had opted for the P.R.U. and asked why. “Because you hear so many dreadful things about Q.E.H.” she said. I can only agree and if you have half an hour to spare you can read more.

Doctor Streather and Sawicka were both prepared to put their names to letters much of which were pure fiction and showed them to have falsified their records. When that was proved they blamed an unnamed doctor who could no longer be located. How convenient. That doctor was excellent and the failures were wholly administrative but Streather and co. were only able to blame others for their failures.

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Protest group
John Hemming-Clark

John Hemming-Clark addresses the group.

Protest group
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