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Wickham Lane roundabout - six months on, almost

The roundabout that a bus cannot get round
13th November 2010

Wickham Lane

These pictures of the Wickham Lane roundabout taken at 2 p.m. yesterday are deceptive. There were long queues along each of the main entry roads but no traffic at the roundabout because of the long intervals between ‘go’s’ that widely spaced three-way lights necessarily entail. It’s not apparent from the photos and the ones taken two months ago what has been changed. The first photo may show a wider carriageway but it may be an illusion caused by the wide-angle lens. The roundabout appears to be the same size; maybe it has been moved. There was nothing going on at the site, it was pouring with rain at the time and you can hardly blame the Conway guys for packing up early on a wet Friday afternoon. So inconvenience to drivers by the thousand continues daily plus the near-by residents who are suffering road closures, presumably to prevent rat-running but reducing access to their own homes too. Don’t forget this wasn’t Bexley council’s fault at all, I know because I read it on their website.

Wickham Lane
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