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The Big Society or Big Brother?

10th November 2010

Six weeks ago I attended an OFCOM sponsored meeting of London bloggers. You may wish to look at this 52 second video by the coordinator of that meeting which neatly sums up what the OFCOM meeting was about. He speaks of websites having “significant impacts on neighbourhoods and what the implications are for local councils”. He says websites such as this one are bringing people together and delivering on the government’s Big Society.

Well ‘Bonkers’ has certainly brought people together but Bexley council’s stated wish to be open and transparent is too far removed from reality to provide any optimism for an outbreak of honesty and common sense in this neck of the woods. But it’s not all in vain, some of the ‘people brought together’ are planning a website to complement ‘Bonkers’ that will cover the sort of skullduggery that has been merely hinted at here. Whether anything will come of it I have no idea, I hope they have a lot of spare time on their hands.

Something whispered in my ear suggests that councillor Campbell has been busy today and I suspect is busy flouting the council’s stated policy on a particular subject. He is the man who doesn’t like Freedom of Information applications and it is not hard to see why when he presides over so much wrong doing. With any luck there will be more information leaking out - or maybe the police will take matters out of his hands.

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