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Malevolent Imposition of Craske Entrapment (MICE)

8th November 2010

Faded road markings - DISABLED

Last weekend a friend nearly got ensnared by the parking gestapo after unwittingly driving into a parking bay in The Broadway and straddling almost invisible white lines. I didn’t have my camera with me at the time and those taken later after dark didn’t show just how poor the lines are. Maybe the one above will do the trick. Many years ago it may have said “DISABLED”. Just a car length away was a Bexley council gestapo car; they like to call them MICE which I assume has something to do with them being operated by rodents. It didn’t seem to be doing anything with its spying equipment, which is just as well because no camera sign was in evidence anywhere and without it MICE operations are illegal. The odd thing about the situation was that either the gestapo car or the one in front of it had squeezed into an already occupied single bay as is clearly shown in the final image below.

Bexley council gestapo car
Two cars squeezed into one space

A gestapo car and a parked car squeeze into the same space. Who was there first?
MICE : Mobile In-car Camera Enforcement

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