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The roundabout Merry-Go-Round

7th November 2010

Thamesmead roundabout

I believe there are 24 people at Bexley council employed on traffic planning and road design and they can’t seem to get anything right. My friend who chairs an E.U. committee on the same subject thinks they are either malicious or incompetent. I suspect it is the staff that is incompetent and the Cabinet Member for Transport who is malicious - yes we are back to the utterly useless Craske again.

With 24 idle minds to keep occupied it is more than likely that their primary objective is to look busy and protect their jobs. One ploy is to make a change which is silly and after a few accidents are caused to undo it all again. We’ve seen the tactic employed in Brampton Road. Two jobs instead of the dole queue and a few dents in a few cars, maybe the odd stay in hospital. It all makes sense if you are incompetent and unemployable outside local government. Currently these imbeciles are obsessed by roundabouts. Extend the pavement, make them difficult or near impossible to get by and maybe end up with something impassable. Incidentally, have you seen their excuse for the five months of chaos at Wickham Lane? They blame their design consultant and credit themselves with finding the problem. So who approved the consultant’s design? Craske’s department. And if they are so damned clever how come their inspectors didn’t notice the developing problem until the roundabout was almost ready for use? Well not by buses obviously, but the inspectors didn’t notice until it was far too late.

The first two pictures above are from their seven week operation to do not a lot - but it is another job for the boys - to a roundabout in Thamesmead. It’s not a big deal compared to the one at Ruxley corner. I wandered down there to see how things had progressed since my visit on 25th July. There was lots to see and marvel at. A couple of locals asked what I was up to and filled me in on some of the history. One was even a reader of bexley-is-bonkers. It had been recommended by a friend she said.

Thamesmead roundabout

The main problem with the Ruxley roundabout is that the council has extended the verge and widened the central reservation to the point that lorries must go right round the roundabout to have any real chance of turning left and keeping all wheels on the road. Some can’t, making life hazardous for anyone hoping to cross the road, not that many would at this point, there’s not much on the other side.

The repercussions from the Ruxley roundabout changes extend best part of a quarter of a mile up the road towards Swanley. The bus stop arrangements there are the most ridiculous I have seen, which is quite an achievement even for Bexley’s useless council. For the full story of Ruxley corner go to the Roads index or go direct.

Ruxley roundabout
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