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Craske’s entrapment team strikes again

5th November 2010

Obscured speed indicator

A friend gave me a lift into Bexleyheath last Saturday and there was a space in the disabled bays just a bit west of ASDA - he has a blue badge. These bays are both wide and long and as we got out and took stock of the situation the driver spotted the fading dividing line which he was straddling. Two small cars had parked at the opposite extremities of their bay and we had driven into the middle! As it happened, two members of the gestapo team were close by so my friend asked if he was OK to park where he was. They said that they “would judge each case on its merits”. Well that may be an answer some would welcome but I’m not at all sure that the judgement of one of these parasites is up to the standard of normal human beings and in my view straddling a line however faded was asking for trouble - so we drove off and parked elsewhere.

As we passed by the same spot a few minutes later another small car had taken our place and - you know what is coming next don’t you? - yes it had been issued with a Penalty Notice. OK, he parked where he shouldn’t but that is not the issue here. The real issue is why the gestapo team did not say to my friend “No you can’t park there” but instead encouraged him to park illegally.

This attitude comes from the top - Craske again, the purple faced arch villain. One of his next tricks is to use the CCTV system lovingly installed by your listening council for the protection of residents, to catch motorists in box junctions and the like - so called moving traffic offences. It was among his proposals in last Wednesday’s cabinet papers. Those papers were peppered with the phrase “Maximising Income” but that would be illegal if applied to fining motorists, so he has labelled it “Value for Money” instead. I was persuaded recently that I shouldn’t call Craske a scumbag but you can see why I considered it can’t you?

Unfinished cycle path
Overgrown garden

These photos were taken on Wednesday evening, the only time I’ve found the bays free since last Saturday afternoon. I’ll try to get clearer ones of the lines but it may not be soon.

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