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Time for a root and branch clear-out?

28th October 2010

Lesnes Abbey new trees
Lesnes Abbey new trees

You may not believe it but three months ago we were gripped by a prolonged hot and dry spell and the young trees in Lesnes Abbey Park which had been protected from youthful vandals over several years were left to die. I reported on the apparent neglect and waste of money on 6th August. Soon after that an amateur arborologist told me that the trees had most likely gone into a self-protect mode and had dropped their leaves to save themselves. I only half believed it as the leaves hadn’t actually fallen off but gone brittle and brown. But the prospect of me having to eat humble pie next Spring has disappeared because Bexley council has replaced the affected trees and encased them in nice new wire mesh.

Council Leader Teresa O’Neill keeps warning residents of the forthcoming cuts and asking our opinion on where the axe should fall. All very laudable if we ignore the fact that the council usually ignores suggestions. I made one when the Conservatives took over four years ago but my local councillor Dozy Davey said that whilst he agreed with me his colleagues wouldn’t, he went on to be similarly two faced over the ruination of Abbey Road. I conclude he is untrustworthy, but back to the point. Councillor O’Neill needs to look long and hard at how the council is run. How can it cost £250 to issue a resident’s parking permit for example?

When I was manager of a factory employing 1,300 people, quite a long time ago, I went to the Union Rep. and said “Ray, I think I could lose a third of the staff and have no real impact on the running of this place”. Ray, who was not from the usual union mould replied, “Malcolm, if you let me choose who should go we can lose two thirds of the staff and still run the place properly”. And over a period of some years that is exactly what we did. I bet Bexley council is no better and probably worse. When did you last see any of them act in a way that would would be applauded in the private sector employment?

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