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Remote spying?

26th October 2010

Gayton Road - no spycams in sight
Gayton Road - no spycams in sight

Gayton Road Belvedere is not alone in getting regular visits from the council’s gestapo car which they prefer to call a Mobile In-car Camera Enforcement vehicle (MICE). When MICE are on site the driver puts up a warning sign as required by law but two weeks ago a sign was taped to a lamp post as usual with no MICE in sight. I assumed that one of the operatives had forgotten to remove it; but two weeks later it is still there and one must wonder if it is intentional. Could it be that instead of sending a MICE to occupy a parking spot and thereby displacing someone into the bus stop area so as to better fund Craske’s expenses pot, they now use RATS (Remote Attrition on Temporarily Stopping) to spy on offenders instead? With something over a dozen cameras hanging over the area it could well be the case.

The sign was not facing the road today and on a windy day last week it had somehow folded itself around the lamp post in a way that totally obscured every part of the camera icon. If the RATS were really spying that day (or today) and issuing tickets it would be totally illegal, not that that would trouble a corrupt council very much.

I would ask the council to explain but they no longer reply to my enquiries. Mr. Puomo (rubbish department) has remained silent since the middle of August and Mr. Kiley (Road Safety) has not responded since I named his colleague Rupert Cheeseman for mismanagement of the Abbey Road death-trap project. Probably I shall have to send a list of outstanding questions to the Deputy Director of Customer Relations, who, to be fair has always been very responsive but not unreasonably asked me to go through normal channels if I can. But if Serge Poumo and Gordon Kiley are going to play silly-beggars then maybe I’ll have to lumber the top brass. Either that or put in an FOI and incur the wrath of another councillor who has lost sight of what democracy means.

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