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No news is good news?

11th October 2010

Parking space lost to gas-works
Parking space lost to gas-works

After sitting in on a discussion about Bexley’s anti-business parking policies a week or so ago I spent several hours observing what happens in practice in my local shopping street. 20 years ago it was home to all the usual trades but now it is reduced to little more than betting shops, taxi ranks, take-aways, hairdressers and estate agents. I use the plural in each case deliberately. I have counted five hairdressers but I am told there are seven.

The road has been disrupted by gas-works and I was told that before that happened Greenwich patrolled their side of the street about once a month but Bexley returned every hour penalising motorists for the most trivial of transgressions and absolutely refusing to make any comment when asked about their activities. There were no concessions to the much reduced parking capacity. I’m not sure why anyone should be surprised at that. How many times do I have to repeat the News Shopper description of Bexley’s staff and their desire to inflict as much pain as possible on residents?

To my surprise my loitering in Wilton Road revealed no particular problem; a parking space was nearly always available to visitors and everything was orderly and no obvious problems came to light; maybe that is because not a single parking attendant was in evidence while I was there. The flood which is pictured below nearly 48 hours after the last rainfall further reduced parking capacity and has been a problem for the whole of the 24 years I have lived close by. Further proof if it be needed of Bexley council’s incompetence.

Wilton Road flood
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