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Abbey Road - as if it isn’t dangerous enough already

1st December 2009

Unlit pedestrian refuge
Unlit pedestrian refuge

Imagine you’ve been really stupid and turned a pleasant road into an ugly accident black spot which can only just accommodate a bus; what would you do next? Break the lighting system and don’t fix it for ages maybe? Probably not but then most people aren’t as stupid as Bexley councillors and their road planning staff. These four keep left bollards haven’t been lit for, oh let me be generous, about five months and are supposed to offer protection for pedestrians crossing the road. In that they largely fail because passing traffic has little option but to pass by within inches of anyone foolish enough to linger there. But at night they cannot be seen clearly. What sort of uncaring moron would leave them in that state since last summer?

My T.R.L. contact tells me he has been in court lots of times helping to prosecute councils who have failed to build or maintain their traffic infrastructure to an acceptable standard and that the councils invariable have to pay big damages for their neglect. But it’s only tax-payer’s money so they have no reason to care. If they did they might have marked the pavement to show which bit is now designated a cycle track. Probably they can’t make up what passes for their minds. The signs they have put in so far give conflicting information.

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