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Abbey Road - The folly continues

25th November 2009

No need for lights

No reason whatever to hold up traffic through two rush hours.

Refuge concrete removed

The concrete is dug out of the refuge but the road is unchanged. What are the lights for?

Unnecessary lights

I wonder when the speed indicator will be restored to service. It has been disconnected for a year now.

Poles and puddles

Just how many poles do we need in Abbey Road? It used to be pleasant and accident free but thanks to our Conservative council and the brainless morons in the traffic department it’s beginning to look like a scrap metal yard. And we didn’t have the puddle before the kerb was built out into the road.

Fresh concrete

By 9 a.m. the hole had been filled in with fresh concrete. It’s been left rough so it looks like someone will be coming back. No sign of a pole though.

Unnecessary traffic delays

Another view of the carriageway, totally undamaged if one ignores the Bashford/Craske buffoonery and not undergoing repair, but which has been traffic controlled for most of the last 24 hours.

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