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Abbey Road - White lines

Abbey Road - Asphalting the footpath

20th October 2009

White lining lorry

I wonder how long it will be before Andrew Bashford restores that lamp post mounted speed checker to working order? Maybe he is afraid it might show his crazy scheme hasn’t slowed the traffic as he promised councillor Peter Craske.

Parked car
Windscreen notice

Proof reading and punctuation is not the council’s strong point. What is?

Windscreen notice

1.8 metre bay carefully marked out.

Windscreen notice

Room for two buses, no room to pass safely.


More chicanes painted on the road. Chicanes are fun when taken as fast as possible. Some drivers won’t be able to resist temptation. Oh, shouldn’t have said that. A few days after this photograph was taken a car hit a pedestrian on this very spot.

Bus clips parking bay

The bus clips the parking bay. It looks like it will be unwise to park there.

Carrill Way

The junction with Carrill Way.

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