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Bexley council - More law-breaking

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It’s the law that to remain a councillor he or she should attend a meeting once in a while; if the interval goes over six months the councillor has to be removed and a by-election called. However in Bexley the council pays very little regard to the law of the land and councillor Bill McEwen (Barnehurst ward) last attended a council meeting in April 2009 yet he continued to be paid until just a few days ago. That’s about £4,000 of allowances down the drain.

“Section 86(1)(c) of the Local Government Act 1972 Act requires, when someone ceases to be a member because of non-attendance, the authority shall declare their office to be vacant.” A by-election would then have to be held within 35 days. Bexley’s Conservatives have once again broken the law of the land; there should have been a by-election at least three months ago and now because we are so close to the next scheduled election nothing will be done to restore some semblance of democracy to this deeply corrupt administration.

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March 2010
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