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Sidcup Place - No more free parking

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It strains credulity that a cretin like councillor Peter Craske can rise to a position where he can rampage around the borough freely inflicting as much misery as the little runt can dream up. This time he has wrecked an oasis of comparative tranquility in Sidcup by dramatically reducing the parking spaces available to those wishing to stroll in the park. And not content with that sticks a charge of 50 pence an hour on those who need to use the remaining spaces for whatever reason, such as letting children have a bit of fun and exercise in the playground. Peter Craske seems intent on getting critical reports weekly in all our local newspapers and by acting like an obnoxious dictator he succeeds.

Sidcup has already died because a succession of brainless councillors have done their best to make the entire area a no-go area for cars and recently a no-go area for the travelling circus due to extortionate rent rises. When will these self serving over-paid morons realise that they are not voted in to satisfy their greedy little egos and power lust but to serve the public? For his contribution to ruining Bexley Craske made off with £22,422 of expenses in the last year for which figures are available.

There will be an election in six months time and then I suppose we will be faced with a choice between two sets of clueless scoundrels.

November 2009
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