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Sidcup - strangled by bonkers Bexley council

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A florist in Sidcup High Street has to park outside her shop in order to pick up and drop off goods. She says the parking gestapo is ‘sly’; “they wait inside the sandwich shop and run back in after ticketing cars.” Bexley council claims to be trying to promote trade in Sidcup which has become run down since they began their war on motorists. Is it mandatory to be certifiably stupid before being allowed to formulate Bexley council policy?

Sidcup High Street has at least 15 shops lying empty and Bexley council claims to have canvassed over 500 visitors to find out what needs to be done to revive Sidcup. Suggestions included better lighting and street furniture but traders know what is required, a less oppressive regime on parking. Why doesn’t the council listen to the people who know rather than rely on biased questionnaires? I think we know the answer to that one.

Another trader said; “The reason trade is slow is parking. People drive past, see the shop, but they can’t stop anywhere close by. I want the council to provide more bays, I am certain more customers will come if they made an effort to provide more spaces.”

The local barber said: “People park for the bank to get some cash for a hair cut and come back and they have a parking ticket.”

The council’s Action Plan is aimed at attracting investment to fill empty shops and councillor Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Transport said: “Traders may load and unload vehicles for up to 40 minutes so long as they are doing so continuously and so long as loading is not prohibited.” Perhaps he would do better if he told the parking gestapo that; then he may have some chance of attracting the investment he says he wants to see.

October 2009
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