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Bexley council - in the sewer again

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A resident of Alderney Road, Slade Green found an overflowing sewer in his garden and made arrangements via his insurance company to have it fixed. Unfortunately another resident spotted it and reported it to Bexley council. Big mistake!

In they stepped wearing their jack boots as usual and quoting the Environmental Powers Act 1990 said they would fix it. They issued a written dictat just after 11 a.m. on 20th August 2009 while most residents were at work, giving notice that the council would take responsibility for fixing the blocked drain at mid-day the same day. Protestations that arrangements had already been made with an insurance company to have the work done without charge later the same day were ignored.

The council carried out the work and sent out bills to every resident in the road. The cost of the work was said to be £95 which may not seem too bad but Bexley council additionally sent all 30 residents in the street a bill of £25 each. This is said to be an administration charge. What? £750 in administration charges for a £96 job? And why issue one to everyone in the street rather than just the affected property? Because it is a dishonest Bexley scam again. Why stop at the 30 residents of Alderney Road, why not send bills to the adjacent roads too?

October 2009
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