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Bexley council - a laughing stock

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I have long wondered why it is that local government employment attracts such a high proportion of incompetent, vindictive and thoughtless people who appear to relish getting to work each morning and deciding who next they can persecute at public expense. Maybe it is down to recruitment policies and that the useless management have a vested interest in employing stupid people, but whatever the answer the result is more misery and expense for residents.

Ian Mitchell, a 68 year old man from Crayford appears to be eccentric to say the least. He lives in his garden shed since he burned his house down a year ago.

For more than a decade he has been tormented by the yobs and vandals that are allowed to roam the streets. They invaded his garden, drinking; threw beer cans at him and pelted his house with eggs. Cars were parked across his driveway and his car own was covered with oil. The police encouraged him to install C.C.T.V. which he did, but despite asking Bexley council for help 81 times no one there lifted a finger to assist, nor was anyone willing to view his tapes and photographs. What they did do however was to prosecute Mr. Mitchell for an alleged benefit fraud.

The case was taken up by barrister David Martin-Sperry who warned the cretins who run Bexley council that they would end up looking “a laughing stock”. And so they did because the jury took just 20 minutes to deliver their verdict on Bexley council and their wicked ways. Mr. Mitchell walked free.

Well not quite perhaps. Bexley council, vindictive as ever, is planning to waste more taxpayers’ money by going back to court to try to get a charge put on Mr. Mitchell’s property so that they can extract money from him, and because that is insufficient to satisfy their power lust, they are also going for an anti-social behaviour order against him to stop him harassing councillors and officials with his justifiable complaints about the yobs and vandals they refuse to tackle. For Bexley council, court rulings against them must be countered with retaliatory measures whatever the cost to eccentric pensioners or the public purse. Their ego comes first.

November 2009
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