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Bexley council - parking bays not wide enough

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Bexley council has something of a reputation for paying scant regard to the laws of the land as we have seen with their attitude to bus lanes and parking regulations and sometimes when it is drawn to their attention they resort to the childish taunt of ‘see you in court’.

Soon after I was complaining about some parking bays being only 170 cm. wide and not big enough to get my Rover 45 into another Bexley resident. Mark Jeffery of Sidcup was having similar but far worse problems in Footscray Lane where the bays were less than 160 cm wide. He was rewarded with £1,000’s worth of parking tickets for not being fully parked in a bay. They were eventually written off presumably because Bexley council knew that was one that they would lose in court, the minimum width recommendation being 180 cm, but they refused to redraw the bays and so the problem went on and on. Making peoples’ lives a misery is something Bexley council is truly expert at doing. Some of their employees are totally evil and barely human.

The report is still available on the News Shopper website.

More recently I reported some parking bays which I noted were not wide enough to accommodate a Ford Ka and met with a much more favourable response. Blog 28 February 2009.

February 2005
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