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Bexley is Bonkers - Hall of shame

It’s more than likely that most Bexley council staff don’t get out of bed in the morning thinking how best to make mischief, persecute and prosecute residents for no good reason, wreck the borough’s infrastructure and generally make peoples’ lives as stressful and miserable as they possibly can - but on the other hand some seem to do exactly that, displaying no social conscience whatever, perhaps needing to arrogantly thrash around doing things designed to mask as much as possible their total lack of comprehension of the problems that need to be solved or the expertise to effectively tackle them. Below are listed (in alphabetical order of surname) those who by their actions and inactions, lies and deceptions, and supreme belief that democracy may be freely trampled upon, bring the whole borough into disrepute.

Andrew Bashford - Team Leader (Traffic Projects)
Responsible for the constant assaults on motorists mainly through restrictions on safe and free passage by a variety of techniques. Generally fails to consult all those affected, exaggerates facts to bias consultations, ignores or dismisses with illogical arguments all responses to consultations. When questioned claims to be supported by professional reports but those same professionals when questioned do not support Mr. Bashford, he being too incompetent to have correctly followed their recommendations. More than happy to send heavily edited reports to politicians to ensure his schemes are approved and prepared to make unwarranted promises to that end.

Councillor Chris Ball - Former leader of the council
Typical Labour man, eager to spend as much money as he possibly can with a total disregard for council tax rises that approached 20% as a direct result of his ideological profligacy.

Cairns, Miss L. - Finance and Business Services
Threatened to prosecute a resident for non-payment of council tax when the payment failed to arrive on a bank holiday, but was processed the next working day. When this was questioned, repeated the threat to prosecute, apparently oblivious to the fact that a bank holiday means that the banks are on holiday - or maybe she is just congenitally stupid.

Malcolm Chamberlain - Group Engineer Traffic & Road Safety
Engineered the Harrow Manorway bus lane but admitted that there was no benefit to buses and that the true objective was to curb parking through higher fines.

Councillor Peter Craske - Cabinet Member for Transport
A gullible, power crazed self-publicist. Willingly accepts and signs without question any order which restricts freedom of choice or movement. A disgrace to the party he claims to represent (Conservative) and would not look out of place in the party of petty dictators currently headed by Gordon Brown.

Councillor John Davey - Vice-Chairman, Environment and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee
The ineffective Conservative councillor who I misguidedly voted for in the 2006 elections. Always ready to pass the buck, say one thing to your face and something different or nothing at all where it matters. Privately disagrees with his own committee’s decisions but too fond of his allowances to risk rocking the boat.

Gina Harper - Chief Executive’s Office
Refused to make any reply to my complaint following the only error made by my bank in 23 years of paying my council tax. I was instantly threatened with prosecution with no recognition that the history of 200+ previous on-time payments strongly indicated an error in the system.

Martin Low - Assistant Chief Engineer
Admitted to (but perhaps not personally responsible for) Bexley’s revenue boosting practice of fining motorists for parking offences before the necessary orders have come into force.

Alan Twyman - Chief Executive’s Office
Issued veiled threats that sending three letters of complaint, covering seven subjects, over a period of two years amounted to vexatious correspondence.

Aurang Zeb - Traffic & Road Safety Manager
Responsible for the daily long traffic queues in Penhill Road, Sidcup. Identified a minor problem at a road junction and turned his back on effective solutions in favour of one that did not help to any noticeable extent but had serious adverse consequences for traffic flow.

Social Services Department - everyone
For believing and boasting that a vulnerable member of society suffering mental health problems needed to be “punished” for finding themselves in that position.

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