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Example of a Craske email to residents about Parking Permits

From: Councillor Craske, Peter []
Sent: 09 September 2010 14:19
To: *** ******
Subject: RE: Parking Permit charges.

The figures break down as below. The reason I know we run at a loss of £300k is because we have put together a full report establishing all those costs. CPZs are very expensive to set up and maintain and we cannot simply carry on subsiding them in the times we are now in. It is not just CPZs, there are range of things we are applying the same principles. For example, we have said we will no longer use public money to subsidise town centre Christmas lights, so if town centres like Welling or Sidcup or anywhere else want to have lights they must pay for them themselves at the full cost. For too long, rightly or wrongly, we have contributed over 2/3rds of the cost, from which the council itself receives no benefit and we will no longer provide that level of support, in fact no support. Welling traders though have already committed the money to pay for the lights, so some town centres are just getting on with it.

The number of permits issued in 09/10:

3081 permits in total were bought
Business - 25 three-monthly and 168 annual
Resident - 372 three-monthly and 2516 annual

The breakdown of costs is:

Employee costs 258,000
Permit Cost production 49,000
Traffic and Road Safety Schemes 30,000
Lining, markings 36,000
On street enforcement costs 328,000
ICT 11,000
Overheads/Accommodation 71,200
Total expenditure 783,200
Permit income -170,000
PCN income -275,000
Total income -445,000
Deficit 338,200
Spelling errors corrected, all underlining is Craske’s.
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