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Councillor Maxine Fothergill

Complaints to Kent Police and their excuses


Maxine Fothergill’s signed Statement to Kent Police - 29th December 2017
CPS Charge againt Malcolm Knight - 15th February 2018
Allegation of crime by Maxine Fothergill to the Chief Constable of Kent - 26th March 2018
Complaint against Kent Police - 7th April 2018
Police acknowledgment - 9th April 2018
Complaint against Kent Police : Answering follow up police questions - 13th April 2018
Complaint against Kent Police : Email response from Directorate of Professional Standards - 29th July 2018


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2 August - Wilde celebrations
6 August (Part 2) - Cretinous
27 August (Part 2) - Police corruption; there is no getting away from it
29 August - Police incompetence v Corruption
1 September - What would a competent police officer do?

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