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Email to Bexleyheath police

18 January 2013

Second email

Dear DS Xxxxxx,

You phoned me at 15:38 on 12th January to tell me that councillor Peter Craske's computers contained nothing of note except evidence of accesses to Bexley is Bonkers and that your CI, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, was disinclined to refer the case to the CPS.

We spoke about the overwhelming evidence against councillor Craske, the fact that the obscene blog originated on his phone line within hours of the events that were so graphically described, how he had the motive to post the comments and likely to have the detailed knowledge of the events which were criminally exaggerated.

You were reminded that the case, on your own admission, had grown to be the largest file you had encountered and that progress towards a quick and satisfactory conclusion had been disrupted by political interference, the latter statement merely confirming what I already knew.

Long before your involvement in the case senior officers up to Borough Commander level (Mr. Stringer) gave various assurances none of which has been fulfilled, political interference having taken precedence at every stage. The case (†) is riddled with corruption and I think you know it.

I told you that my intention was to make an allegation of crime against several police officers who have since left Bexleyheath and the leader of Bexley council and its chief executive for what I see as a clear perversion of the course of justice. Arranging a meeting with Bexley council who had no connection with the case other than as an employer and for that third party to have discussions with the CPS denied to the victims, all with the object of “resolving the situation” is a damning indictment of the malpractice within Bexleyheath police, Bexley council and possibly the CPS. The documents already available clearly indicate the truth of the matter.

Your Chief Inspector may be disinclined to pursue councillor Craske who had a year in which to destroy any evidence there may have been against him and possibly warned via the magistrate court and search warrant system, but I am not ready to let the matter drop.

In another case of corruption at your station, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and his MP David Evennett were provided with the police file which they eventually used in court to prove police dishonesty. I shall ask my MP to assist in a similar manner.

Alternatively, if you regard the case as closed, you can let me have all the relevant papers but if they are not freely forthcoming I shall regretfully have to regard CI Xxxxxx and yourself as party to the intention to pervert the course of justice through knowledge of the admitted political interference yet aiding and abetting the cover up.

I am aware that Mr. Elwyn Bryant has been pursuing a separate line of enquiry involving the CPS. I have two emails from officers more senior than yourself assuring me that the CPS has been involved throughout the past year, but Elwyn has two from lower ranks that assure him otherwise. Now you say that the case will not be sent to the CPS implying it never was. It all leads me to suspect more deliberate misinformation.

Another thing that concerns me is that you have told Mr. Bryant within the last day or two that there is no evidence that councillor Craske has posted comments on Bexley is Bonkers. This is the same unforgiveable confusion that has dogged this case from the outset. Someone, and we both believe it was Peter Craske, set up his own website on which to impersonate me. There is not and never has been any facility for anyone but myself to post material to Bexley is Bonkers.

Perhaps you would provide written confirmation if you are going to formally close the case and provide me with the investigation file, or are you going to compel me to do it the hard way?

Yours sincerely,

† It would have been more correct to have said “the investigation was riddled with corruption”.
This email was copied to Teresa Pearce MP and the current Borough Commander, Victor Olisa.

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