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Email correspondence with Paul Moore

Director of Customer and Corporate Services London Borough of Bexley
21 June 2013

Mr Knight,

I am aware that you are in contact with Council officers seeking permission for photography and filming.

Just today, I have been advised of the comments that you are making in relation to Kevin Fox and his Partner. Frankly, I am astonished that that you should seek to single out a Council officer for such treatment. To then turn your comments to his Partner is nothing short of shameful harassment and behaviour that is both shocking and bullying in equal measure.

If you wish to have any prospect of serious consideration by the Council in future you would be well advised not to behave in this way towards a hard working and well respected employee of the Council.

You have overstepped the mark. Please remove this blog immediately and confirm to me that you have done so.


Paul Moore

Director of Customer and Corporate Services London Borough of Bexley

Dear Mr. Moore,

I am well aware that I pushed the boundaries in devoting space to Mr. Fox alone and I note you consider it to be harassment.

The council and your HR manager in particular totally refused to give any sensible answer when Kevin Fox decided he could harass me.

He informed me there was no protocol to prevent the taking of photographs before meetings and said all I need do was inform Mr. Easton before hand.

When I wrote to Mr. Easton it was Mr. Fox who replied saying he refused permission to take any photographs. An abuse of his power directed at me personally. I have yet to receive an explanation.

When 2,219 residents of Bexley called for a referendum on salaries it was Kevin Fox who abused standing orders to manufacture a totally dishonest excuse to subvert democracy. Kevin Fox effectively harassed the entire population of the borough.

The war of words will inevitably continue until there is a change of heart by Bexley council but that will never come under its present leadership.

You appear to follow my output closely so I would expect you to know that I am happiest when Bexley council is being stupid. I couldn't care less about taking photographs in the chamber, my interest is in how deeply you and your colleagues are prepared to dig yourself into the mire over the issue.

There is nothing in yesterday's blog that isn't easily available to anyone with a computer and as I noted, the research was not mine. You should ask yourself why large numbers of people are rising up against your despotic council. I submit it is because the political leadership is thoroughly dishonest and the senior staff have little option but to protect them. Maybe that is why pay levels have to be so high.

What realistically do you want me to do about yesterday's blog? Kevin and his friends have given money to charity and were happy to tell the world via Just Giving, are you ashamed of that?

Kevin has a pretty girlfriend with a good job. Is he ashamed of that?

Ms. Sampson has laid out her life on the web for all to see and I have given it further exposure. Is she ashamed of it now?

I am puzzled as to what the real complaint is.

At 12:30 today, Nicholas Dowling and I are due to meet outside the Civic Centre. If you wish to expand on your request or discuss the whole sorry state of affairs we would be glad to lend you an ear. Off the record if you prefer.

I know it is your job, but your unique willingness to make contact occasionally is appreciated.


Malcolm Knight

Mr Knight,

Whilst I appreciate that you may have concerns and grievances with the Council or it's actions, which you believe to be legitimate I cannot accept that hounding a hard working and well respected officer in this manner is acceptable. The points that you raise are not of Kevin Fox's doing. You have now crossed any reasonable boundary by introducing his partner into your blogging.

Again, I am asking you personally and in all seriousness to step back from this unnecessary escalation. Please remove this material from your Blog immediately. Please confirm that you have done so - we can then discuss any other requests and meetings, etc.

Paul Moore

Now you are sounding threatening and you are beginning to annoy me.

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