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Request for review of complaint against Mrs. Lynn Tyler
for making untruthful statements

Public Realm meeting of 19th June 2013

Original Complaint - Response

Dear Mr. Moore,

You will be aware that at a Public Realm meeting on 19th June 2013, the chairman councillor Cheryl Bacon, excluded every member of the public because one of the six present said he would audio record the meeting after the Department for Communities and Local Government encouraged residents to do so.

Three or four of those members of the public complained and were told that a group of people including me were excluded for shouting, waving papers, and remonstrating when the facts are that four members of the public said nothing and the fifth spoke only during the adjournments.

Your Legal Officer, Mrs. Tyler, distributed material under FOI including notes of statements in which councillor Bacon described the disruption in some detail, little of which was true. Three other witness statements failed to mention any disruption beyond that caused by one member of the public and his recording device.

Mrs. Tyler should have noticed many discrepancies in the witness statements but instead sent out unredacted copies of the allegations against me and other innocent parties. I complained to Mr. Tuckley about her actions and asked that a councillor other than Cheryl Bacon be interviewed to introduce a modicum of balance. Some of that 'balance' had already been supplied to me directly.

Mr. Hollier replied a month later but had only looked at councillor Bacon's statement and found it supported Mrs. Tyler's version of events. He failed to interview any other person as requested which is why I am seeking a review of my complaint. Viz. that Mrs. Tyler failed to properly analyse the four statements included in her FOI response to a member of the public and that her letters to that person and others included untruthful references to my bad behaviour, some by name. The review should include the originally requested interviews with councillors.

I think it is only fair to inform you that further developments have resulted in email correspondence from both political parties supporting my position and the council appears to have just one statement by the guilty party supported by Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Hollier, neither of whom witnessed anything.

You will probably know that I have separately complained about Mr. Hollier for accusing me of "hostile, abusive, offensive" and "unreasonable" behaviour for one use of the word lying in a complaint about lying. I have placed on record the fact that I will report him and others to the police for Misconduct in Public Office if there is a continued refusal to properly investigate my unjustifiable exclusion from a public meeting.

I hope that you will be able to take a wider view than Mr. Hollier and interview members of both parties who will I am sure confirm that I did not make any sound, stand or wave papers at any time while councillor Bacon was in the chamber and her decision to exclude me was therefore illegal.

If you compel me to go to the police I shall supply them with the correspondence from councillors who do not support councillor Bacon's version of events and inevitably have to add your name to the list of those officers engaged in Bexley council's perversion of the course of justice.

I shall look forward to your unbiased and thorough investigation of the facts.

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Knight

31 October 2013

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