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News and Comment June 2016

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1 June (Part 1) - Someone has to do it

There isn’t really anything new and juicy with which to kick off the new month but the work involved seems to be non-stop nevertheless.

Someone said to me yesterday “I must say I really admire you for taking the time to blog about Bexley council and what they get up to. Not sure I’d have the balls to do it. You give a real insight into what’s happening, without you we’d be none the wiser!” Yes, I hate having to do it, but someone has to and as I must have said before, BiB is like a fast moving treadmill and jumping off would hand victory to those who think they can get away with whatever they feel like.

I’d rather it was not the case but it looks like another argument with the police is looming. It would be too easy to look the other way so that they can abuse someone less able to stand up for themself.

It is more than eight weeks since the Massey’s neighbour in Sidcup returned home from walking the dog to find two police officers inside her house and she still doesn’t know why except that Cabinet Member Don Massey had managed to get into Sidcup Police Station out of hours and complained about her. A written request for more information made only a few days later was ignored.

It is not quite two weeks since I was put through a similar experience and I have not visited Bexleyheath Police Station as instructed and certainly not with a solicitor as advised. Neither have I been arrested as was threatened for non-cooperation.

Like the Massey’s neighbour, my request for a copy of the Massey’s complaint has been ignored. Perhaps letting the matter quietly drop is in some ways the best way forward for the Borough Commander but that will not get the officers who visited me and caused unnecessary worry, albeit not for very long, off the hook. One way or another their names will be elevated to high places before very long.

Having acquired several useful contacts at the Met. because of the past misdemeanours of Bexley police officers I wrote to one of them today to ask where a complaint might be best sent to achieve the quickest resolution.

Dear DS Xxxx,

Don’t worry, Elwyn and I are not chasing you, we are content to wait – for a reasonable length of time anyway.

This is an informal request for guidance; it is probably inevitable that I am going to have to make another complaint about Bexley police who once again seem to be concerned only with doing Bexley Council’s bidding.

A couple of months ago I brought together on my blog three bits of information freely available on the web. That the main residence of two married Bexley Councillors is not in Bexley. That they rent an address in Bexley and that address is used by their daughter and is the venue for parties. Companies House, Bexley Council’s website and the daughter’s Facebook page were the sources respectively.

The lady who suffers noise from the parties called 101 for advice and the police decided to make a visit. As a result of this the Councillor made a formal complaint of harassment against his neighbour at a police station which was closed to the public on the day in question.

Two police officers visited the aforesaid lady while she was out and, let in by her daughter, awaited her return.

More than eight weeks later she still has no idea what the complaint is as Bexley police has ignored her request for information.

Twelve days ago three police officers visited my home although one remained with his car. They invited me to Bexleyheath Police Station and said it would be best if I was accompanied by a solicitor. One of the officers told me I would be arrested if I did not agree to go. I too had been accused of harassment by the Councillors but neither officers could give details beyond that.

I wrote to the Borough Commander to request a copy of the complaint against me. I stressed that it was required urgently because of the threat of arrest. I too have been ignored and I have not attended the police station.

I think it is possible that the Borough Commander is following in the footsteps of his three predecessors by giving special dispensation to local politicians and it may be the case that I will make a formal allegation of Misconduct.

I most certainly will against the officers who visited my house and the lady who received a similar visit has indicated that she will join me.

So the question is, should I send the complaint to the IPCC, to the Commissioner or to your department? The Professional Standards Unit in Bexleyheath is, as you will know from your files, not fit for purpose.

I am not requesting you comment beyond answering that question if you can, but for the record, everything I have written recently about this situation may be viewed at

The page is not linked to the main website, it contains nothing new, it merely brings together what would be otherwise more difficult to find.

Yours sincerely,

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