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News and Comment August 2016

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1 August - Move along please, nothing to see here

If you have dropped by expecting to see pictures of the events that took place in Sidcup and Lesnes Abbey over the weekend than I am afraid you have come to the wrong place, I arranged several weeks ago to be in Wiltshire for the two days which isn’t something which can sensibly be announced in advance.

If I may indulge in a little more personal information, the situation with the 96 year old in East Ham is now close to being unmanageable, she turned her new fridge off at the weekend after discovering that the radiator at the back was hot. It might have been a manageable situation if that clown Teresa O’Neill had not persuaded her friend Boris Johnson to cancel Ken Livingston’s bridge but thanks to her it’s rare to be able to do the return trip in much under four hours. If that doesn’t slow the flow of blogs, the fact that no Council meetings of any note are scheduled until mid-October will.

Fortunately I can refer you to yesterday’s blog on The Thamesmead Grump which is not perhaps its usual fare although every bit as entertaining. It’s all about the Masseys and is remarkable for its accuracy as well as the sharp tongued turn of phrase. Picking up someeone else’s complicated story and reporting it accurately is notoriously difficult as I can testify but I could only find one thing wrong with Grumpy’s report; 37 Larch Grove was rented, not owned by the Masseys and they have moved away already.

The report is full of little gems, such as

If I were a local councillor with a public image to maintain and any sense of responsibility, I would probably want to apologise to the Police as well for causing them a nuisance and wasting their time having to deal with my delinquent daughter when they could be out catching criminals. Is this what they did, is it buggery? What they actually did beggars belief.


Don and Sharon Massey are nobodies; nasty, vindictive and thoroughly unpleasant nobodies but nobodies none the less. They like to think that they can lord it over the likes of us because they get elected by Tory Micky Mouse voters who will keep returning them to power no matter what they do and believe that they have the right to use public servants to carry out malicious bullying campaigns against anyone who they think challenges their own sense of self importance, because that is exactly what is going on here.

I could go on but would end up reprinting the whole thing. Read it yourself - there won’t be anything much here for a while - especially if your name is Don or Sharon Massey and need an opinion on your value to the community other than BiB’s.

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News and Comment August 2016

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