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News and Comment November 2011

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24 November (Part 1) - Phone a fib

Ken in Welling TwitterThere is quite a lot of comment on the web, Twitter etc. following Ken Livingstone’s visit to Bexley about the way the Conservative council has whacked up parking charges so I thought I might let you know what Craske’s friends are saying about the pay by phone system.

“Shoppers and other borough visitors are now delighted. In the run up to Christmas, car park users will be able to shop at their own convenience in the area by simply ringing the payment line or topping up over iPhone & Android application and not be concerned about a parking charge notice. Local businesses/traders in the area now have more time allocated to them by customers due to the efficiency and time saved with this new system. Shop owners are happy with this all new relaxed shopping experience the system has provided and have seen an increase in customer stay as a result.”

So shopkeepers are now noticing people staying for longer in their shops. Can this be true? Please tell me if it is. How I came to be on the propaganda circulation list for this sort of stuff I do not know. Bonkers must be going places.


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