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News and Comment November 2011

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12 November (Part 1) - The Mayoral leech

Of all the dirty tricks Bexley council uses to prevent questioning at council meetings, planting fake ones by Tory supporters must be the easiest to arrange and one of the most effective. It isn’t so much annoying in itself, there are other ways to ask questions, it’s the blatant willingness to usurp democracy that is annoying. Now I find that Boris Johnson plays the same childish games.

I’m not sure I like Boris Johnson; great comedian, well educated but fundamentally useless. How else do you explain so many foot in mouth moments?

Mostly I dislike Boris when taking my weekly trip to the occasionally mentioned nonagenarian aunt. She lives four miles away but a dirty great stretch of water gets in the way. The ferry is unreliable and doesn’t run late, both foot tunnels are shut for repairs, the DLR doesn’t run where I need to go, and I can’t swim. I have to drive 16 miles via Blackwall. Then for the last couple of years I’ve had to come back via Dartford. I know a lot of people will disagree, but the bozo cancelled my bridge. It can’t be beyond the wit of man to stop lorries going up Knee Hill, Bexley council is expert at installing width restrictors. All we are going to get instead is an expensive cable car strung across the river; what use is that? I know what I would like to see strung above the river. (Go on, arrest me for it.) And now he stoops to Bexley council levels with planted propaganda.

Robert LeitchOn his website he has a message from a Bexley sycophant resident, singing Johnson’s praises. It comes from one Robert Leitch and a click or two on your favourite search engine reveals that he is one of Boris’s very own boys. He claims on other Conservative websites to be just out of the London School of Economics and into a job in the office of a Conservative MP. That is exactly what is wrong with almost all politicos today. Never done a day’s work in their lives (no, not you Teresa) and zero experience of life.

Mr. Leitch never names his MP employer, is he ashamed of something? Fortunately there is a website that gives the game away. Robert Leitch works for Conservative MP Julian Sturdy. I took a look at his website. Not impressed. Almost every link and menu item goes to a page with no content. Sort of sums up today’s Conservatives but probably more honest than filling your page with commissioned accolades don’t you think Boris?


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