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News and Comment November 2011

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2 November (Part 1) - Website changes

Recent correspondence included a request to make the blog more easily accessible; it appears some people (actually, having monitored usage, it is rather a lot) are reaching the blog through the Home page and taking one of the blog links from there. There are easier ways such as Favourites or Desktop shortcuts but as an experiment the web server instructions were changed yesterday to intercept requests for and route them straight through to the blog. The Home page was bypassed but remained available via the Menu. Night owls may have noticed the change.

Unfortunately the technical trick is likely to seriously affect the site’s Google ranking so it has been abandoned already. As a substitute has been introduced and will always route directly to the current blog. It will be used in preference to the on printed material and regular readers who call in only for the blog may prefer it. Apart from that; no change!

It may take a few hours for the substitute address to become available at all ISPs.

As anticipated, today’s News Shopper was not able to cover the Notomob’s activities at the Civic Centre last Friday.


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