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News and Comment March 2011

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8 March (Part 2) - Bureaucracy gone mad

Teresa Pearce MP Councillor John FullerLast week and this I have been escorting a lady on the school run. She is disabled with a boy aged 4¾ and another just six months. She wasn’t getting any help and she still isn’t except that I have tried to be not far away in case of trouble. There seems to be help available for disabled adults, especially if a wheel chair is involved, and even more if one’s children are disabled but a disabled mother with a fit four year old and a baby in a buggy gets pretty much nothing. This mum cannot walk far, fast or uphill without getting into a situation that involves an ambulance and a day in A&E but no one seems to make allowances for her plight. I have been shocked to hear of the reaction of bus drivers and passengers alike to a mother physically unable to fold her buggy and I’ve seen signs of it myself.

Teresa Pearce, her MP has pointed her in all the right directions and councillor John Fuller has recently been looking for a solution, but as yet there is none. Ironically the impediments are in part caused by legislation passed by Teresa’s party when it was last in government and petty rules imposed by Bexley council that no one can now get around. The school itself doesn’t exactly help either.

I shall make a full report on this sad reflection on our society by the weekend and report on further progress, if any, weekly.


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