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News and Comment January 2011

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12 January - Vindictive council rushes to punish innocent motorists again

Immediately after publishing the unusual photo of a parking meter adjacent to a yellow line a report came in of similarly idiotic restrictions elsewhere. The seasonal ’flu has prevented me from taking a look but apparently meters are being replaced by double yellow lines as a matter of council policy. Their excuse, I’ve seen the correspondence, is that rather than slip a few pence into a meter, motorists are ripping them out of the ground and stuffing them in their boots just to get free parking. Have you ever heard such nonsense? If meters are being stolen it will be by itinerant scrap metal dealers who nick drain gullies and No entry signs or maybe the proverbial mindless vandals. But one of the council’s own mindless vandals, one Howard Ward-Corderoy, is prepared to spell out their malicious and spiteful attitude in black and white. He says “the council removed the meter bays and installed the yellow lines to show members of the public that if meters were stolen drastic action would be taken”. So their priority is not to quickly restore normality to those who pay their wages but to do their utmost to make life in Bexley even more difficult. It’s as if the department which has the job of restoring stolen gully covers turned off the street lights and covered the holes with asphalt coloured cardboard to ensure there were as many serious accidents as possible instead of replacing them quickly. Bexley council truly has been “taken over by a mob of nasty, evil people who seem to thrive on other people’s pain and hurt”, just as stated in the News Shopper last year.

It comes as no surprise that the department prepared to brag about its spiteful management style is councillor Craske’s, the leading exponent of governance by malice and lies. Yellow lines are intended to restrict parking where it might be dangerous or obstructive to other road users but Bexley council, corrupt as always, ignores sensible guidance, preferring to inflict unnecessary pain if it can. It is fortunate that the roads affected so far are not bus routes or they may have used an even bigger sledgehammer to vent their rage on motorists.


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