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News and Comment December 2011

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15 December (Part 2) - Part 2 is cancelled

The plan was that Part 2 would provide information on why there was no coverage of Bexley’s little accident at PATAS in this week’s newspapers. There is a good reason and I’ve been persuaded to drop my report. There isn’t a problem - although Tina Brooks and councillor Craske may beg to differ - but Notomob are being very cautious and methodical with their next step, hence the News Shopper holding fire. I too must resist the temptation to drop hints.

In reserve I had a story concerning another example of Bexley council not answering a simple Freedom of Information request made on 11th October 2011. But just as I had finished writing it there was news that Bexley had provided an answer. Not a freely given open and transparent one, that goes without saying, however it means the report will have to be rewritten. Something for tomorrow.


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