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News and Comment April 2011

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1 April - Mayor Val Clark. Serial offender against local democracy

Mayor Clark Mad Mayor’s month of shame - March 2011

• Curtails public question time.
• Bans questions which might expose her incompetence.
• Surrounds herself with police protection at public council meetings. More police than public!
• Hires gangs of bouncers to impose her undemocratic decisions.
• Institutes bag searches on entry to public council meetings.
• Bans entry to the Civic Centre by anyone carrying a camera under threat of arrest by police.
• Bans entry to the Civic Centre by anyone carrying a placard or slogan.
• Refuses requests for exemption from restrictions. (Requests for exemption being permitted under council standing orders.)
• Fails to follow basic rules of chairmanship.
• Refuses to correct minutes of meetings.
• Writes to members of the public to admonish them for perfectly reasonable behaviour at public meetings. e.g. Not applauding enthusiastically.
• Allows councillors to abuse each other at meetings verbally. e.g. “Tosser”.
• Allows councillors to insult and abuse members of the public at council meetings; including laughing, jeering and gesturing.


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