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News and Comment April 2010

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30 April - Councillor Craske not all bad?

I had an email today from a Mr. John H. who said that councillor Craske had helped him “overcome some serious problems”. Glad to hear that; up until now only his detractors have seen fit to make contact maybe because the website doesn’t look for stories that affect only single individuals except perhaps if they are featured in the local news media too. Naturally Mr. H. went on to rudely accuse me of boasting about my own superiority and I am absolutely positive he is making it up. I’ve asked Mr. H. to provide me with the offending page(s) and if he is right or anywhere near right they will be removed pronto.

Perhaps the first pro-Craske message justifies repeating why this site is here. A year ago I was in correspondence with Bexley’s Traffic Department and councillor John Davey. Mr. Davey started off by being helpful but as my research progressed and showed the council in a bad light and acting not a little dishonestly the correspondence dried up. I told Mr. Davey that I had in mind a website to highlight the council’s failure if he continued to dodge the issues and if that course was taken he should expect to be portrayed negatively whenever possible. He chose not to reply. Councillor Craske had put his signature to the scheme I and an expert in the field had shown to be ill-judged; hence those two being regularly featured here. There are no plans to dig the dirt on any other councillor, unless of course evidence is handed to me on a plate. e.g. councillor Colin Campbell who seeks to restrict residents’ use of the Freedom of Information Act.

The site is just a pastime to me. I don’t care if no one reads it, though I am amazed at the number of hits it gets and its Google ranking. I won’t deny that if it irritates my favourite two councillors and Bexley council as a whole when they do silly things I’ll regard it as a definite bonus but most of my satisfaction is derived from taking the photos and tinkering with the computer code. Sad but true.

I shall make unflattering comments whenever the opportunity arises but it is only possible when Bexley council provides the ammunition; it’s not me who makes up the stories, most can be found elsewhere too. I collect them together, not invent them, and I’m prevented from straying too far from the straight and narrow by a friend who used to “legal” contributions to the BBC’s website. I’m told I sometimes offend against OFCOM rules but I am not a broadcaster and that in the world of on-line blogging I am really rather mild.


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