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25 September - Who would you believe?

Bexley Conservatives have been putting out an awful lot of propaganda recently most of it aimed at showing Bexley to be a better managed borough than Greenwich which some will think is not such an enormous achievement.

Their claims are not all wrong but some are near impossible to follow, such as this one.

Lachlan Leeming the BBC funded Democracy Reporter for the three local boroughs says that Bexley is the worst Covid19 performer while Bexley Conservatives imply that all is well. A 32% improvement on the previous week.

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph said that Bexley’s positive tests per 100k rate was 20·5 with Greenwich at 13·3 and Bromley 14·4. Croydon and Merton were the best in :London at three points lower.
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Let’s be generous and recognise that Bexley Tories were on 21st September probably basing things on the previous week’s figures and that the data for the 19th September really was 32% lower than the previous week.

Whoops! I don’t think so. (Left hand image below.)

I suppose it is always possible that Bexley Conservatives were looking back even further, so better check that.

No, go back another week and there is stil nothing to support the Tories claim. (Right hand image.)
Corona stats Corona stats Source of left hand image:
Source of right hand image:

So there you have it. The infection rate in Bexley has been 11·7, 12·9, 20·5 and now 21·8 but according to Bexley Tories somewhere along the way we have scored a 32% reduction. Ignore the Tory propaganda; masks on and in bed by ten o’clock please.

Lying and setting up a false sense of security is downright dangerous and the Conservative duo who put out such rubbish are a menace to our state of health.
Corona stats
The Telegraph map shows that Bexley is a sole isolated non-green borough in the South East.


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