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News and Comment March 2020

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22 March (Part 1) - I went to the pub

Leather Bottle Leather BottleThe Leather Bottle that is, and it was closed. I drove there and literally didn’t see another moving vehicle and the only life form encountered was a cat; and that was quite a long way away.

Photographic sorties are not likely to become any more adventurous than that for quite some time.

The point of the trip was to check out a report that Mr. Singh may have disposed of some or maybe all of the site. The photos prove only that his van dump has gone.

Nothing else to report, I am staying in and can survive alone for a couple of weeks taking all the recommended precautions.

I am hearing on talk radio stations how the invincibles are continuing to visit their mothers on Mothering Sunday. For God’s sake, are they all mad? Do they not read?

I have finally convinced the last of my sceptical friends that he must not go anywhere.

A small contribution to my own safety was to machine wash three canvas shopping bags. I used to have two large ones and a small one. Now I have one large bag and two small ones. Given the state of supermarket shelves maybe that is of no consequence.

Please do not kill your mum.


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