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News and Comment June 2020

Index: 2020

25 June - Nepotism?

One sourceThe email Inbox continues to be dominated by messages from Barnet, Newham and Bexley Council employees concerned for Bexley’s financial future under its present management.

The theme is that the mistakes that almost brought down Barnet Council because of its association with Capita and caused Newham to walk away from oneSource are being transferred to Bexley, lessons unlearnt.

A cosy relationship between former employees of Barnet and Newham, all now in Bexley, is widely criticised but is reported to be the subject of pride in the staff newsletter.

From Bexley claims are that staff are having to work 50 hours a week and late into the night “in fear of bullying managers”.

A Barnet employee spills a few beans but ends it “Please don't mention this paragraph as staff are fearful, but I wanted you to know the information is reputable. Personally I had three tough years in Barnet with my finance boss [name redacted] but the facts are facts.”

A link to a Barnet blog was provided. It details how Barnet fell into a financial crisis almost overnight and much the same team now runs Bexley.

Another complaint from Bexley is that job adverts are written for little other reason than to guarantee a leg up for existing favoured employees. “Nepotism runs in the Barnet family” is the complaint.


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