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12 June (Part 2) - A good rant and maybe further proof that Boris is Bonkers and Hancock is, well, just a cock!

This morning in correspondence with my good friend Teresa Pearce - it’s a great relief to know that people can get along so well while at different ends of the political spectrum especially in these troubled times - I’m afraid I had a bit of a lockdown rant. I’d better not repeat it here, but instead I offer something similar from a reader. A reluctant Conservative voter so he says.

How typical is it of young families? Very I would hope.

Nothing the Government does makes much sense to me. Last weekend my daughter asked me if she should be worried because she had filled in a quiz on the NHS website and the answer said that there was a high chance she was depressed.

I am pretty sure she is just bored and fed up and not properly depressed at all and I made her do it again and she got a much lower score but at ten years old she shouldn’t even know what being depressed is let alone Googling it and doing daft tests with questions so open you could interpret anything as negative.

As a flavour of some of the rants aimed at the television from the sofa this week…

Fat old diabetic politicians at most risk from the disease will be able to go to the pub and get drunk enough to forget social distancing about two months before kids who are close to invulnerable to the virus can get a decent education again and stave off their depression by seeing friends. I will bet any money you like an intelligent ten year old girl is better at social distancing at school than 90% of adults in a pub.

When the NHS is in crisis, with fears over lack of space and staff, no stone is left unturned. Nightingale hospitals, bringing back retired people (despite the risk to their health) and armies of volunteers.

With business in crisis, billions are thrown indiscriminately at the problem, billionaires benefit as much or more than everyone else, and now there is a headlong rush to get everyone back to work with relatively scant regard to safety in some cases.

But when it comes to the kids, its all a little bit too difficult. There aren’t enough teachers, there isn’t enough space, and “little Jonny seems quite happy here at home with me on furlough so why risk it!”

As if teachers haven’t moaned for years at the vast numbers of people leaving the profession and retiring early like the medics (possibly now with nothing to do due to furlough and redundancy in new careers) and as if hotels, offices and conference centres aren’t still lying empty same as they were when the NHS got offered them. The kids can’t go back to school but my wife can now go back to work as a chiropractor and attend to an older person with zero social distance, just PPE.

Except she can’t! Because she has got to stay at home with the ten year old. So what help is that to the economy?

It was enough to make me briefly consider starting a Social Media campaign under the hashtag #YoungLivesMatterToo! Then I remembered it might be more productive to do some work at home instead and try to keep my business alive.


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