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28 July - Amazon to the rescue

Amazon PrimeI hate wearing a mask because it makes me too hot and the need to do so is definitely having an effect on shopping. I have not gone inside a shop in the past five days other than a corner store in East Ham where I noted that a litre of milk was fifty pence cheaper than the same thing in Abbey Wood. £1·09 instead of £1·59 in McColls.

And then out of the blue this morning came an email from Amazon; food deliveries without delivery charge.

Amazon has timed things to perfection, I sample checked a few prices and I shall make an order very soon.

Boris Johnson will kill the high street and while he continues to wear a red rosette I really do not care.

May I send a message to the anonymous message sender who calls himself ‘Me Again’? Yes I know about that property but the owner asked me not to mention it.

P.S. A more extensive price check on Amazon reveals many prices between twice and six times what one would expect to pay in a supermarket. Maybe it is not an acceptable replacement for Sainsbury’s after all.


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