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17 July - It’s only money

I had come to the conclusion that there was little point in continuing with the reports from Barnet, Newham, Bexley and oneSource about senior Council staff who failed in one borough only to be rewarded with a promotion to another sometimes via allegedly dubious recruitment processes. If anyone is interested they must have got the message by now. However maybe this small extract from an email from within oneSource ought not to be ignored.

“Under Paul’s signature Bexley signed up to Finance services from oneSource and now under Paul’s signature Bexley are leaving oneSource and the ‘punishment payment’ will be £600,000.”

The same correspondent refers to a name new to me formerly in oneSource but listed on Bexley’s ‘Senior Manager’s Structure Chart’ who discovered that one of his staff had been dismissed from a Home Office job for lying in Court (documentary proof provided) and emailed all his staff to forbid them from talking about it. Nothing surprises me about Local Government Management but without the email as proof that story is probably a dead end.

With so many people telling similar tales the likelihood must be that there is some truth in them but whatever the case there must be a lot of very unhappy people working for Bexley Council anxious to vent their frustration.


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