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News and Comment July 2020

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14 July (Page 1) - Another fine mess

Newham RecorderI long ago stopped looking at the News Shopper. No paper copy, little by way of local news but plenty of click bait national news and the moment one of their intrusive bars to simple navigation pops up, off it goes. Their daily news summaries are routed to Junk; I must get around to cancelling the subscription.

So I was pleased to get a tip off about its Newham counterpart. It features the news about the oneSource disaster. Apparently Bexley is quitting with immediate effect. Will it have to pay the penalty?

Where will the staff to do the job in-house come from? Newham, Barnet, oneSource or is there a suitable staff partner lurking somewhere anxious to circumvent any recruitment procedure?

Complete silence from my internal sources; they say the Finance Director refuses to discuss the issue.

The Previous Director of Finance got her promotion to Southend in part upon the back of a CV lauding the success of oneSource. As has been said over and over again senior staff profit from failure at taxpayers’ expense.

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