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11 July (Part 1) - Just a clown

The PM is a ClownIf this Covid business has proved anything at all it is that we are governed by idiots, barely anything politicians have done recently stands close scrutiny. Every ill-thought out rule riddled with anomalies and down right stupidity. You can’t kiss the bride in church but you can take her away for a night of passion.

It must be said, Boris Johnson is a clown and his only saving grace is that he is not Kier Starmer or Sadiq Khan.

After four months of one fiasco after another it looks like he is going to make wearing face masks compulsory. Not in March when it might have made sense, but now, when only one in 3,600 people have the virus, you stand a 2% chance of catching it if you spend time with them and not much more than 0.0% risk of being sufficiently ill to end up in hospital.

It might not be so stupid if the clown was not at the same time imploring us to get back to work and normal life. If I have to wear a mask to browse around the shops it is a pleasure I can happily forego when Amazon is so easy to use.

I shall continue to spend as little money as possible and stuff the economy, why should I care if Boris Johnson is intent on controlling every aspect of our lives?

It is not what I voted for, he can go and stuff himself as quite obviously he has been. Read the attached article to the end and it seems like milk shakes are to be taxed next.

Speaking of masks… I got on a 301 to Bexleyheath at Abbey Wood Station soon after 9 a.m. last Tuesday morning. I was the only downstairs passenger until it reached Brampton Road. There a man wearing a Co-op uniform got on without mask and sat right next to me. A busload of empty seats but the one next to me was just too attractive.

I thought it was slightly odd behaviour but I am not sure I really cared. There is far too much paranoia around at present. I know someone who has just turned down a wedding invitation for next June. Far too risky apparently.


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