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18 September (Part 3) - For your amusement (and despair at the lack of intellect on display)

It is not only MPs who have overflowing email Inboxes, it is sometimes me too. A week ago I had 82 unread emails and now it’s 110. Almost none of it is truly spam, I have senders I do not recognise in both Liverpool and Hull who send offers I simply cannot refuse but the remainder is from people or organisations which purport to be more local or at least known to me. Recently I have ruthlessly deleted anything that has an unappealing Subject line, otherwise I am going to be submerged.

An email I have read is perhaps relevant to Bonkers but gives every indication of coming from a deranged source. No one has ever called me Malkie before; here it is in all its glory, spelling errors, poor punctuations and all…

So , Bexley Council are busy with ADOPTIONS , you say .Well people who go about “ METAPHORICALY MURDERING” other people’s children TOTALLY REQUIRE to have ALL subsequent generations REMOVED from them .This is being done in order to ERADICATE FAR RIGHT TRASH from society . Speaking of FAR RIGHT TRASH ,how is that investigation into the DANNY MORGAN case going ? I knew Morgan back in 85 .He tried to " investigate " me on behalf of his bent ,pimping , criminal Dibble mates . He was like a cheap version of Del Trotter , always going to be a next year millionaire , off the backs of other people , of course. He was mixed up to the hilt with drugs and the trafficking of young females . " Oh NO! Not Danny " , I hear you say .But YES ,Morgan was a State sanctioned SUPER CRIM .I saw what he was up to .I worked as an authors researcher at that time , and so I kept meticulous diaries and notes of all that went on around me .Danny boy features in those quite a lot . Now , I’m going to publish al l my info from back then ,plus helpful website ,YouTube channel , tell all interviews on other peoples channels , Facebook and Twitter accounts to. I should pull a ‘Nice little earner’ from that , whadaya think Malkie ? BTW , I’m the Mother of the child who you allege to have been “METAPHORICALY MURDERED ” So , Malkie the alchy, how funny do you think you are now ? Bet you wish you hadn’t crossed me . You could go complain to your local Constable Dibble ,NO WAIT , you can’t because they hate you....Teresa Pearse might help ,but no ,her party are getting rid of her .Is that because she's pals with your NAZIFIED self ? You could go to your trusty local councillor , but he/ she likely can’t stand the sight of you either .Oh what a conundrum , PMSL ,LMFAO ,LOL ,LULZ ,MWHAHAHAHAHA etc etc ....Have a good day Malkie , hope Danny’s brother isn’t too mad with you for stirring up shit in the first place .

I fail to understand any of it. The word adoption (in the giving a home to a child sense) was last used on Bonkers in December 2018 and was a reference to the cost of the service. The only child murder ever reported was of Rhys Lawrie in 2012.

Could this be the mother of the child? No, she was at most a toddler in 1985.

Danny Morgan? I’ve never heard him referred to as Danny before. To family he was Dan. For the uninitiated he was a sort of distant relative of mine who I never met. He was murdered in 1987 when he attempted to expose police corruption (robberies and drugs mainly) in South East London. It’s well established fact and I have a copy of the letter in which the Met. Police accepted it was their worst ever case of corruption.

Teresa Pearse (sic) has not been sacked, she has done her bit for the community and decided not to stand for election again and I am on good terms with Daniel’s brother so long as we steer clear of the B word.

“Malkie the alchy.” That’s a good one, not even one drink a week and I still have the unopened bottle of whisky in my cupboard bought for my 21st birthday party.

And to think such people are given the vote.

Incidentally, the anonymous email facility is not totally anonymous, nothing on the web is. I could probably ask the technical director of my ISP - a personal friend - who accessed the Contact page at whatever time.

I only did that once after receiving some pretty rude stuff and the police became involved. At their request it was traced to a company office known to be frequented by Councillor Peter Craske.


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