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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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18 September (Part 1) - Eff off and die

I never liked Tony Blair. I resisted his dubious charms in 1997 and I would prefer it if he stuck to fleecing the wealthy with his worthless speeches. Mind you, in retrospect, I’m not sure that my 1997 choice of John Major was wise either.

But disliking the man is a long way from wishing him dead. It might be something said half in jest during a private conversation between old mates while slightly inebriated but it should never become something like the official policy of a political party and proudly put out on video.

If you did not already believe that the Liberal Democrat Totalitarian Authoritarian Party were always slightly mad and that under their new leader Jo Swinson they plumb the depths of fifth form politics maybe this video from their Party Conference will persuade you that it really is the party for juvenile minds.

The Lib Dems sing “Tony Blair can Fuck Off and Die”. Cretins and proud of it.

And another thing that is mad. Taking video in vertical portrait mode. TV and cinema screens are wide and getting wider for a reason. An upright format is simply nuts, and it is not just the Lib Dems who do it.


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