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Bonkers Blog September 2019

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15 September (Part 2) - Ten years of Council watching

CandlesToday is Bonkers’ tenth anniversary; not the blog perhaps because that was a bit of an afterthought. The original plan was merely to highlight a very big lie that Bexley Council’s Highways Supremo told me. I thought it was a big deal but little did I know that it was pretty much the norm and I would be inundated with similar stories from other residents.

What had Andrew Bashford done? He told me that Bexley’s generally appalling road planning fully complied with the Transport Research Laboratory’s guidance. My son was at the time the Chief Safety Consultant to the Department that issued the guidance; how unlucky was that?

On one of his visits he told me that road planning here looked to be either malicious or incompetent. You may think it is both. To be fair the calamity that most caught his attention has since been modified but he has had something to say about the various crazy roundabouts in Bexleyheath. His most recent concern is that there might be no way a fully autonomous vehicle could negotiate the madness that is Trinity Place. I don’t suppose that will surprise anyone.

2009 is a world away politically. I still cling to the hope that Bexley Council has cleaned up its act in the intervening years but every so often its still reverts to type. Nationally things have not improved. I thought that Gordon Brown was the worst Prime Minister there could possibly be and I was hopelessly wrong.

Dare I indulge in some less than impartial political comment? My friend Michael Barnbrook has increased his Twitter followers from almost nothing to 12,000 since he began to stick his political neck out. I suppose if I do it the few I have will disappear and it will take another ten years to build them up again. Do I really care? Probably not.

Probably everyone will agree that the country is in a Constitutional mess but who to blame might be more controversial. I mostly blame Michael Gove for stabbing Boris Johnson in the back in 2016 and Mrs. May for running a calamitous election campaign in 2017, not to mention allowing the EU to write the surrender agreement which as someone said only a country defeated in war should accept. The Economist Yanis Varoufakis according to Google.

However despite the dire position that the country finds itself in thanks to what the numbskulls in Parliament have engineered it does make one thing fairly clear for those of us who retain some faith in the abilities of this country. Which party to vote for when the inevitable election comes.

If the Prime Minister gets us out of the European Union without compromise on 31st October - The Conservative Party.
If Boris Johnson accepts any part of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement - The Brexit Party.
If the Cabinet agrees to pay the European Union more than a token amount of money on exit - The Brexit Party.
If the Conservative Party readmits any of the MPs who were prepared to see the democratic process undermined on 3rd September - The Brexit Party.

There are no doubt other views.

If you believe the world owes you a living, that you can have your cake and eat it, that terrorists are your friends and wish to face in multiple directions at the same time. The Labour Party.
If you believe in renegotiating Mrs. May’s deal and then campaigning against a possibly improved offer. The Labour Party.
If you believe that democracy is best served by rerunning the referendum but avowing to ignore the result whatever it is. The oddly named Liberal Democrat Party.
If you wish to overturn the majority decision of the electorate by simply cancelling everything and pretending nothing has happened during the past three and a half years. The Raving Loony Party. Sorry where did that come from? The Liberal Democrat Party.

The so called Conservatives who have defected to that shameless outfit were never Conservatives at all and the party is well rid of them.

Have I frightened all the readers away yet? I hope so. I’m not sure I want to be still writing about Bexley Council in ten years’ time.


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